Pink Solar Dancing Hula Girl

Solar Hula Ruler
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 The Captain loves HULA POWER! Especially when mixed with solar power which combine to make this adorable technological feat of genius...a dancing Hula Pal!!!

It will amaze and astound you and your friends as it dances merrily along using only the magical power of bright light, bright light! 

The Captain has one perched on the dashboard of the Tragique-mobile (the Captains hot wheels) which grooves all day long, even when it's parked. 

Normal daylight and artificial light will power the pals but unlike Gremlins they really like direct natural sunlight to get them going.


Clare Information

  • This item is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 6 due to small parts.
  • Height 9.5cm Width 6cm Depth 6cm
  • Each solar pal is made from plastic.



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