Wooden Party Moustache on Stick

Moustache Dressing Up Fun!
Ever needed to go under cover? Deep under cover? Well no self-respecting spy would be seen without their very own wooden moustache on stick.
Fool even your closest friends and family by simply holding a moustache clad stick to your upper lip...they will never know its YOU!
Alternatively you could just use them for weddings and birthdays as a bit of fun in a photo booth set up. 
Note to self - first option much more fun. 
Made from wood with the moustache painted black, be the hostess with the moustache-mostest with these ridiculously wonderful dressing up sticks.
Dimensions - 20 x 10 cm
DISCLAREMER - Captain Clareways cannot be held responsible for anyone being captured by enemy agents, should the tried and tested moustache stick fail to conceal your identity. 

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