Beer Pong Game

Beer that pongs!

Does your beer pong? 

If not then buy this super, freddie, fantastic drinking amusement. You get 12 plastic cups and two plastic balls and the aim, of this highly intelligent and not at all silly game, is to fill the cups with a variety of beverages and then attempt to bounce the balls into then. Once a successful attempt has been made, the contents of the cup must be consumed. 

Kids could use fizzy pop, milkshake or kumquat juice. Adults could use beer, pirate wine or iced tea. Klingons use Warnog. 

There's one thing for sure, if you want style, elegance and sophistication in a game....perhaps you'd better move on to the next product...

Clare Information

Box size - 38 x 46 x 51cm

The Captain urges all intergalatic and non-intergalatic beings to drink responsibly

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