Miffy Cute As A Button Bib

Bib-tastic Bibster Fun

Don't let your baby be miffed when it see's another rival junior sporting this Miffy Cute As A Button baby bib

It's perfect for mini me's, he's and she's!

It's 100% cotton with a wipe clean PVC front, which means anything goes - spaghetti, chocolate ice cream, jam doughnuts...errr maybe that's not such a good idea...unless you puree first...?


Clare Information

  • Please remove all tags and other accessories before giving this to a child
  • For ages 0 years and above
  • The Captain cannot be held responsible for the results of puree-ing a whole jam doughnut 
  • And its probably not a good idea to feed it to your baby
  • In fact please don't do it

Additional information