The Captain hopes that you've enjoyed your visit here and that you've found all the answers to any questions you might have. However if you feel you might need a smidge more assistance you can go a step further and get in touch.

There are literally several people standing by just waiting to hear from you with baited breath and a stack full of enthusiasm. If you'd like to get in touch here's how you do it:-



All of our email addresses end in the same way  @captainclareways.co.uk

So all you need to do is select whom you wish to speak to from the list below and add that shiny bit above to the end of it. Easy, peasy.

To make a general enquiry or if you have a question about your product then add - generalenquiries

To speak to the Captain or send in photos or bags of gold then you add - thecaptain

In the highly unlikely event you wish to return an item please add -

returns (See refund policy for full details)



We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry/message/love letter/insult/poem within three working days. 





The Captain likes to see his army of followers at work with their purchases and you may already have seen a few of our proud customers using their goodies within the product pages. Like this one from Christine who lives in March...though we can't promise that the Captain won't jazz it up a little...

christine of pbo

So if you would like to have the chance to be shown on the website, and are happy for us to add some sparkle, please send in your selfie or groupie or just a plain old photo of you or a friend/dog/hamster/gnome/inanimate object modelling or using one of the Captain Clareways products. 

Just make sure that the product is in full view and you are using it appropriately...and legally.

If we love it we will add it to our product pages. If we don't we will use it for target practise in the office. So you see its a win, win situation! 

If you'd like to have your photo posted on one of our social media platforms such as Facebook then please include that information within your letter or email when you send it across. 

(Please read our Privacy policy for further information regarding the legal stuff.)






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